About: Me.

リーンだよ♪ / nantokaa2014

not a good writer and i was.
Feriin – Indonesian.

A twenty-something girl who was born in lovely 1990. Yes I’m a proud of 平成2 era and has spent her whole life as a fangirl worshipper, a graphic “fangirl” designer and a dreamer Illustrator.

• Loves to fangirling over japanese, korean and guy couple loves ♥

• Deeply in love with illustration, drawings, cute-fancy stuffs, drawing, design, musics, photography, books….. everything.

• Seems like my old hobby has been raised up again because a friend introducing POSTCROSSING around December 2013. Now, I’m totally in love with postcard exchange and letter exchange (again) with some people.
Come on, snail mail is not old school but cooler than digital e-mail these days 🙂


2 thoughts on “About: Me.

  1. Halooowwww :D, salam kenal dari sesama pecinta postcard (^,~)//. Makasi ya udah mampir plus nge-like, seneng banget :D. Btw, desain gambarnya cuuuttteee, suka saiyah 😀

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