happy birthday riin.

10.02.10 it’s an awesome and pretty date for me.
thanks for gave me a birth, mom.

it can say.. i’m not a teenager anymore. this mount of number isn’t small.
start to being mature enough. some of friends and mom said i’m childish, unstable but…
can I have this young soul forever?
it’s riin, still need to learn and search for a lessons of life.
hope anything good / awesome would be happens in my lucky 20th.
please don’t fail in any subject of uni. new semester, hwaiting.

also special thanks for all my dearest friends who gives me a bday wishes. I’m happy and have a great day today..
 ,  ,  ,  ,  ,     &   unnies~ twitter buddieeees <33  ,   <33 and many more ;___; ilu guys.

have a great day. love, me.