a girl who try to resist Kpop soo hard

i’m digging into my my tumblr blog and went to the very very last page. which is my first entry! 
around June-July 2009, I guess XD

friend : are you starting to like Tohoshinki from now?
me : YES. why? i love them!
friend : I know, you’re an anti kpop ryt?
me : errr. yes. hha. But that’s before when I’m not a fan of DBSK.
friend : eh?! I tought you just only listen to their Japanese songs cuz you’re really make them so different with DBSK and THSK.
me : um well…. my first plan only their Japanse songs. But, I don’t care anymore about their language! becoz of love lmao
friend : so, you can accept kpop now?
me : not yet.. :D;
friend : what the fudge.
me : only DBSK’s song that hooked in my ears and only certain korean group..
friend : !!!!!!. you’re so BIASED. which group?
me : some of SuJu and SHINee songs…….
friend : ……..

I’M ON KARMA and feels like stupid if remembering that moment.. anykind of moment, i’ve been tried so hard resist kpop from my life lmao



Really in mood for updating entry~ my break days one month already and still have one month to go until Eid ul-Fitri (muslims) because.. in a week Ramadhan is coming to town. I’m excited, fasting time~ just once in a year!! <33

I didn’t going anywhere during this breaks. I can’t call it holiday because just staying at home (or went to shopping with mum hehe). Wanted to holiday in an Island with friends, but the weather is not friendly on this month. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, unpredicted. But I’ll noraebang again today with my colony~! Sorry no Korean songs allowed today >:D
 Accidentally my old phone, SE W580 kinda weird lately. The memory won’t read and I can’t make an outgoing calls D:
I haven’t introduced my new baby riightt?? XD
Craving for this phone almost 6 month since my love at first sight on January 2010!! Waiting the moment, "when the hell this phone will come in to my country??!!!" 


not amazing like iPhone, but I love the design ❤ and got surprised when browsing, this phone were promoted with BIGBANG and 2NE1 lol wut?! Korean’s phone?!! *dead* but I don’t care XD cuz the design very similar like DoCoMo phone. The Japanese phone that appeared on DRAMAS LMAO. fuck getting obsessed with Japanese phones DDDDDD: 
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it’s been a year. thank you.

Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho… Need to memorize those names and their faces 1 month.Just knew that name on March 2009. I didn’t spent the happy time together with them as long as their career. But time goes so fast.. it’s been a year already. still remember a-nation ‘09, the last Shanghai Mirotic con ’09….. and what happened every single day, day by day until today. It’s painful, too many tears I’ve spent during this period.

OT5 i miss you (;_ ; ) *srly I can’t loving with other korean group as big as this shit*
and thank you for the loves….

fighting for all ♪( ´▽`)