a girl who try to resist Kpop soo hard

i’m digging into my my tumblr blog and went to the very very last page. which is my first entry! 
around June-July 2009, I guess XD

friend : are you starting to like Tohoshinki from now?
me : YES. why? i love them!
friend : I know, you’re an anti kpop ryt?
me : errr. yes. hha. But that’s before when I’m not a fan of DBSK.
friend : eh?! I tought you just only listen to their Japanese songs cuz you’re really make them so different with DBSK and THSK.
me : um well…. my first plan only their Japanse songs. But, I don’t care anymore about their language! becoz of love lmao
friend : so, you can accept kpop now?
me : not yet.. :D;
friend : what the fudge.
me : only DBSK’s song that hooked in my ears and only certain korean group..
friend : !!!!!!. you’re so BIASED. which group?
me : some of SuJu and SHINee songs…….
friend : ……..

I’M ON KARMA and feels like stupid if remembering that moment.. anykind of moment, i’ve been tried so hard resist kpop from my life lmao


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