hello~ hello~


welcome to our country SHINee babies. Yes.. they’ve arrived yesterday and held a press conference while i’m still at campus .__.
after hoax since 2 months ago and everyone said "NO. That’s just a rumor. Impossible they will coming to Indonesia"
until ARIRANG make a lucky draw contest to win the ticket free last month, we believe that was not rumor anymore.

unfortunately i didn’t won or got the free tickets. i think, that’s fine. SHINee not my destiny. buuuut… my 2 closest friend got it! they won the tickets from lucky draw! which is… the truly truly SHINee fan~ also their birthday were on October (last sunday and tomorrow!) what a sweet coincidence ^^ and i didn’t realize cuz didn’t read the lucky draw contest announcement properly. "the winner of lucky draw contest will get 2 tickets" omg whaaat?!!
lucky me, one of them ask me to joining 😀

this BIG ARIRANG  event about Indonesia-Korea friendship week, starts 11-14 October *if i’m not wrong* and the concert will be held TODAY!! not only SHINee. yaa.. it’s not SHINee concert lol there’s 2 others korean artist that i don’t know and also indonesian singers.
i’m pretty sure all FANGIRL are SHAWOL and only excited, waiting for SHINee performance XD yeaa indonesia fangirl life. SHINee is THE FIRST korean group from SME come to jakarta *how sad*
last year, we have RAIN held his solo concert.. last June or July, Sony Ericsson make an event and invited Wonder Girls and last August, Kim Bum from BBF have his fanmeeting.

i don’t want to make people envy, i just want to share my stories. because i don’t want to forget this moment. me and my friends already get along in uni for 3 years, kpop buddies and it’s not our dream can watch SHINee together ^^ we don’t care how far the distance our place from the stages.
i will shout "changmin.. changmin!!" like crazy at minho. or try to make a letter for changmin and pass it to minho lmao.

really really sorry my LJ almost dead. i’m pretty busy with uni life T_T

.. ne.. can i? sometime or someday can watch dbsk boys live, in my country. whether are JYJ or HoMin ;____;


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