finally bought BUTTERFLY CD today and so giddy this sticker was on the cover.
I’m so fuckin ready steady go to see them with my own eyes like FINALLY ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
just because they are so important in my life. Just like my 2nd family. I already know them since I was 12th y/o.


hey it's 2012 and kinda miss LJ era because i've been a lot on tumblr, here and here.
but i can't make a rambling and rant entries like as much as i can do in LJ, hehe.
so, what's up.. you've changed a lot LJ. and i'm so clueless right now lol

since i live here with my k-pop and j-pop fandoms, and now i've turns 180degree into a gleek. what happened to me?! hha.
but i'd still catch up with kpop and jpop musics but not following their daily news anymore..

come here, talk to me, i'm a lonely gleek.

love, riin 🙂