how many days left until May 2th??

wait.. i’m not gonna counting days like everyday until May 2th.. ne?
screw y’all ojii-san tachi.

– getting hyper and hyper since I saw the concert commercial on TV at 2AM lol
– get ready for losing all my 3 months saving moolah
– yesterday, i saw 3 billboard on different spots! and made me… “damn. you guys will be here in few days askjksalsk”
only took a photo near at Senayan before mustopo campus while stuck with traffic jam <33


6 days left.

say wut. i can’t concentrate anymore askldsklas..
what I’ve done for them.. gonna print them as many as i can on the DAY, yay!

really hope that, they’ll see this.. i hope so ^^
i wish i can give ’em okay. that’s…. not… much /sobbing


L’Arc~en~Ciel tachi with.. Monas! Monumen Nasional = a statue, mark of Jakarta, my country~
dnw to create another memory, but… well. oyasumi ^^

AKU MAU TETCHUYA TUHAANN ;;;;; /labil mode on/

30days left.

I FOUND THEM!! old collection from 2003-2004~
now this cassette is kind of a rare thing from them lol. remember when this kind of cassette was so expensive when I was junior high school. Struggling with limited money and need to collected it.  and and.. it’April tho….? i can’t explain my feelings for next month!