how many days left until May 2th??

wait.. i’m not gonna counting days like everyday until May 2th.. ne?
screw y’all ojii-san tachi.

– getting hyper and hyper since I saw the concert commercial on TV at 2AM lol
– get ready for losing all my 3 months saving moolah
– yesterday, i saw 3 billboard on different spots! and made me… “damn. you guys will be here in few days askjksalsk”
only took a photo near at Senayan before mustopo campus while stuck with traffic jam <33

finally bought BUTTERFLY LIMITED edition, HK version. i regret nothing as long as there’s P’UNK IS NOT DEAD BONUS yayayayayayyy ang got poster never collecting for L’Arc poster again since 2008, so… my first poster after 4 years hiatus AND I MISS P’UNK already /sobbing
then on my way to home, there’s a small one near Taman Puring and at deplu area, there’s LA commercial TV LED. yup! while stopped by traffic light, say hi to commercial TV video asasklj what a day! ❤
and what.. i found GIGANTIC PINK light stick for next wednesyda~

and still need to struggle and continue my skripshit, final project before May 2th, がんばりましょう!!!!
tomorrow we’ll breath the same air, nee. asasjakldaksjklk


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