“Definitely everyone’s smiles and bonds..
Will become the encouragement for tomorrow onwards.
Parting is the promise to meet again
The moments that our hearts become one”
(part of JUMP’s Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ lyrics) for friends that always together since 2008, our first year. 

I can’t made my childhood when I was elementary school dream for becoming architecture bachelor, but reality took me to another path for loving in art & graphic design.

I have a new title like finally for almost 4.5 years toturing with university’s life. (art & design bachelor)
and yup! i’m officialy jobless until there’s company calls me for an interview.

thank you for everyone who congratulated me via twitter, text messaging and fb 🙂

I should hide the previous one from feed but seems forgot to check the “do not add to feed friends” box, gomen!


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