23 of me.

i’d like to say thank you for everyone birthday messages! i’ve read them but couldn’t reply it one by one.
thank you so much for the wishes♡♡♡ another year spend bday in life.

can I be honest? never got any bday surprise in my whole lifetime, so after twenty… third year, I should say….
today is the BEST birthday ever.

so haappy i have these girls – rii-shii and fathy – with  inoo surprises lol

i couldn’t say anything just.. thank you for being my best friend since highschool and fandom to IRL best friends these past  5th years also thank you for dragging me back to JUMP fandom okay..

kei is so glad for having hika, yuya and kota :”3

i’m gonna love y’all like forever until the time maybe e’re not a JUMP fan anymore.

it’s gonna be my last time for posting real face in an entry!
once again, thank you.

let’s close the day,
feriin yori.



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