I hope everyday is like a holiday.

i’m still in CNBLUE mood and i think it’s perfect to post this song with the lyric because match with today, MONDAY.

The song tune and also its lyric is kinda mixed with Bruno Mars’s Lazy song  But whatever, i like it for I HATE MONDAY theme 😉

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CNBLUE sick.


Another after concert euphoria. it’s D plus 5 and i’m still sick with all CNBLUE’s songs. Not only because i was loosing interest with them, didn’t listening to their korean songs and such.

Like I said before, I didn’t too much preparation for watching CNBLUE and I WAS too concern with ONE OK ROCK concert already. But that’s messed up. CNBLUE was my major fandom at the moment before i’m leaving korean fandom 100% back in the middle of 2011. Kinda feel my love towards CNBLUE became bigger than usual after BLUE MOON concert :””D

Look at my last.fm. What a shame =)) it does happened last year after L’Arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta and i cannot move on to other musics like for a couple months so does happen with CNBLUE but i don’t know how long it will goes. I need to move on to ONE OK ROCK music lists because their concert is already.. next month. d’uh

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Hi, here’s my another fangirl post, yea unm finally awake from October 19th euphoria.

Setelah kebimbangan dan keraguan yang dilalui beberapa bulan untuk mengambil keputusan
“apa iya gue bakal nonton konser CNBLUE?” 

poster wdps

and here it comes a not-so-sudden plan with my bestie a week then a day before the concert day with a thought “this would be my life’s regret forever if i DON’T watch them”

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