Splendid Outgoing Month, July!

A summary of July outgoings because I did severals direct swap with Instagram and Postcrossing users. Gonna separate with the wonderful incoming -postcard in return- entry.

This July I had a major postcards outgoing I guess. Got bored with official postcrossing rules that some of postcard cannot satisfied me then found out there’s so many swappers on Instagram and i’m so lucky to get direct swap with postcrossing users.

July 9th, 2014

This day assigned as national day off because of Presidential Election day and decided to cleans and writing down all my current swaps so they will receive it faster. Somehow I don’t like to make other people waiting for something.

direct swap flies to: Japan-3, Philippines and Macau!
each of them had 2-3 weeks in destination.

July 17th, 2014
– status arrived update:
Malaysia (August 8th) – Romania (August 14th)

Direct swap with Instagram user from Malaysia, Interpals member from Turkey and a “Thank You” postcard to Romania for a previous random poscrosser, I’d like to send in return because she put her address on the postcard 🙂

July 22nd, 2014
Outgoing to Japan~ oh snap totally forgot to take a pic of the inside envelope T T

A small package that I send in return for Kaori’s special package. I asked her for swap gotochi card because her Aichi prefecture card were so cute. I choosed one but she gave me 2 gotochi with some kawaii surprises~ 

Looking forward what would I do in August..


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