“Merdeka!” Indonesia Independence Day

Dirgahayu 69th Indonesia!

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It’s arrived in Aichi, Japan!

For these several months going back with not so old-new hobby mailing with random people via postcrossing, got a random postcard too but few of them are not my favorite because they didn’t do it with pleasure as I did to everyone and finally brace up myself to do some direct swap again with postcrossing user but she asked me first because on her profile she didn’t interest with direct swap. She’d like to collect city map from each country because she likes to making her own envelopes so she asked me for my country’s map then I gift Jakarta’s Travel Map for the Japanese’s Gotochi in return.

Outgoing to Japan July 22th, 2014
Finally this small package arrived in Aichi Japan. I’m so appy to know it because it’s not only letter or postcard but literally small package. I’ve putted Jakarta map, some tea bags and postcard.

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